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◉ Insanity Point
◉ Lehi @ Thanksgiving Point
◉ Mon,Fri & Sat
◉ No Punches

No Punches

◉ Insanity Point
◉ Lehi @ Thanksgiving Point
◉ Mon,Fri & Sat
◉ 5 Punches

+ 5 Punches

◉Insanity Point
◉Lehi @ Thanksgiving Point
◉Mon,Fri & Sat
◉ 10 Punches

+ 10 Punches

SAVE up to 25% 

Buy a 5-punch adventure card and save 20% or a 10-punch card and save 25% on a variety of food and activities not included in general admission. Punch cards can be shared within your group and/or used anytime you visit with paid admission, so if you don't use all your punches, come back and use them another day!


Punch Cards are not required but highly recommended for the best savings! Plus, because we are cashless inside Cornbelly's, they make your visit easy.

Lost Cards

Adventure cards are like cash, so please keep them in a safe place once you receive yours. If you lose them, they unfortunately can't be replaced.

Shared Cards

Cards can be shared and split among any guests in your group. Purchase as many 10-punch cards as you like and share them for maximum savings.