White Base Sunflower
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White Base Sunflower
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White Vase Voucher

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Purchase a white souvenir vase and fill it with as many beautiful u-pick flowers as you can fit in it! Vase has an imprint of the Cornbelly's sunflower logo and is 9.75" tall and 4.5" wide across the top. Admission required.

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Admission Required

Admission is required to enter the Sunflower Festival. However, you may purchase as many blooms and/or vases you want!

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Pick Your Own

Purchase & pick a single sunflower or create a sunny bouquet to take with you, in either a white plastic or rustic metal souvenir vase. Fill your vase with as many flowers as you can fit!

Photo Opps

Though 15 acres of sunflowers are plenty photo-worthy all by themselves, that hasn’t stopped us from nestling a variety of unique photo ops among the beautiful blooms.  Explore our Giant Windmill, Kissing Booth, Butterfly Wings, Painted Hay Bales, Old-Fashioned Bath Tub, Phone Booth, Colorful Tractors, Giant Picture Frame and more!

30+ Attractions

Though the sunflowers are the stars of the show, there's plenty of farmtastic fun included in your admission.  Be sure to check these out:

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