Shopping at Cornbelly's

What do you sell at Cornbelly's?
Here at Cornbelly's you'll find everything from plush farm animals and games to beautiful fall decor, clothing items, pumpkins, gemstones, sweet treats and much more!

Spanish Fork

If you make a trip out to our sunflower fields in Spanish Fork, you'll find everything from vases of fresh-from-the-field sunflowers, to a variety of flower-themed souvenirs and goodies.

Lehi @ Thanksgiving Point & Spanish Fork

Looking for the perfect pumpkin? Our location at Thanksgiving Point is home to thousands of pumpkins that have been brought in from the patch and are located near our entrance/exit in a pumpkin courtyard. If you visit our Spanish Fork location, however, you can pick them straight from the patch yourself!

Do you have to pay admission to Cornbelly's to pick & purchase a pumpkin? 
 In Lehi our pumpkins are located near our exit store, thus you are able to buy pumpkins without even entering Cornbelly's. In Spanish Fork you are picking right from the patch, so admission is required. 

How much are pumpkins? 
 Our pumpkins range in price from .50 to $10. They are priced by size, rather than by the pound, and an average pumpkin is typically around $4 or $5. 

What kind of variety is there? 
We offer pumpkins of all shapes, sizes and colors! We've got bumpy ones, white ones, baby ones, big ones & the list goes on! Plus, in addition, we sell plenty of small gourds that are great for fall decor! 

Do you sell other fall decor? 
Yes, in addition to pumpkins and gourds, we also sell straw bales & corn stalk bundles while supplies last. Our goal is to offer everything you need for the perfectly-decorated front porch this fall!

Animal Store
Lehi @ Thanksgiving Point

As you pass through our animal store on your way to visit our peacocks, parakeets, goats & more, you'll find shelves full of everything from Cornbelly's clothing items and candles to farm animal plush, games, books, Savannah Bee products and much more!

General Store
Lehi @ Thanksgiving Point

Our General Store, located near our kiddie area on the south end of Cornbelly's, has a wide variety of souvenirs, toys, plush animals, goodies and even personal items like hand warmers, aspirin, diapers, rain ponchos and more.

Gemstone Store
Lehi @ Thanksgiving Point

Our Gemstone Store is a rock-lover's paradise, selling everything from gemstone bags you can mine yourself at our water sluice, to polished rocks, geodes and much more.

Corn Store
Lehi @ Thanksgiving Point

You're sure to find plenty of CORNY items in our newest store at the entrance to our corn maze, including corn-themed snacks, drinks, glow sticks or flashlights for your night-time trip through the maze, and more.