Cookie Coop Lehi

Cookie Coop Lehi

Lehi Location

Indulge in the Cookie Coop delights at Cornbelly's Lehi location. From luscious chocolate chip cookies to a variety of beverages, satisfy your sweet cravings with our tempting offerings. Join us Mon-Sat for a delightful treat experience!

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8 products

Cup of Chocolate Chip
Cup of Chocolate Chip Sale price$5.99
Cup of Chocolate Crinkle
Cup of Chocolate Crinkle Sale price$5.99
Bucket Chocolate Chip
Bucket Chocolate Chip Sale price$15.99
Bucket Chocolate Crinkle
Bucket Chocolate Crinkle Sale price$15.99
White Milk
White Milk Sale price$2.99
Chocolate Milk
Chocolate Milk Sale price$2.99
Hot Cocoa
Hot Cocoa Sale price$3.49
Blue Raspberry Slushie
Blue Raspberry Slushie Sale price$4.99

Beverage Options

The choice of a refreshing fountain drink or bottled drink will differ depending on the food location and venue.

Fountain Drinks

All fountain drinks in Lehi are fulfilled at the Soda Silo.