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Getting Started

You will receive an email from Gusto that will have you set up an employee portal- you must set up the portal to get scheduled to work and be paid. Gusto will also have you complete your I-9, W-4 and Direct Deposit (we will not issue paper checks). You will have 48 hours after you receive that email to complete this step. If you did not receive an email or if you have any questions, please contact Jennifer at jennifer@themaize.com or 510-435-9669. You will need to bring your 1) passport or 2) drivers license and social security card to orientation, or you may email a copy of that to jennifer@themaize.com. 
Cornbelly's Test Your Knowledge
For those hired, please read the "Cornbelly's Test Your Knowledge" and complete the questions included. 

 For Lehi Cornbellys click HERE to read guide and take quiz.

For Spanish Fork Cornbellys click  HERE to read guide and take quiz. 
Insanity Point Test Your Knowledge
For Insanity Point haunters, please read the "Insanity Point Test Your Knowledge" and complete the questions included. Click HERE to read guide and take quiz. 
Employee Performance Agreement
Read and sign the Employee Performance Agreement. Click HERE to view and sign agreement. 
Food Handler's Permit
If you received an email saying you were hired to work in the food area specifically, click HERE to take the test to receive your food handler's permit (unless you already have one that is current).
Insanity Point Forms
If you received an email saying you were hired to work in the haunt area specifically, click below to fill out your haunt medical consent and minor child consent forms. 
Facebook and Instagram Team Pages
Click on the FACEBOOK and/or INSTAGRAM boxes above to join our private Cornbelly's employee groups. For Insanity Point haunters, there is also a link above to a separate Scream Team Facebook page.
Once you have completed your Gusto employee portal, we will need to confirm your identification. At orientation, Please bring a copy of either your 1) Passport or 2) Driver's license AND Social Security Card- or bring them and we will take a photo of them.  If you do not have those completed before orientation, you will need to complete it all before you are scheduled and can work. You may also email jennifer@themaize.com with your Passport or Drivers license AND Social Security Card. 
Attending Orientation is the final step to accept your position at Cornbelly's. Please meet at The Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point for orientation. Mark your calendar to attend Employee Orientation: Monday, Sept. 12 at 6 pm (check in at 5:30 pm) 
Have questions? Email HR@cornbellys.com and we're happy to help any way we can.