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Hot Cocoa
Hot Cocoa Sale price$3.49
Cup of Chocolate Chip
Cup of Chocolate Chip Sale price$5.99
Single DonutSingle Donut
Single Donut Sale price$1.73
Churro Sale price$4.99
1 PunchLehi & Spanish Fork
Rock Candy
Rock Candy Sale price$1.99
Lemonade Sale price$6.99
Caramel Apple
Caramel Apple Sale price$7.99
Cider Slushie
Cider Slushie Sale price$4.99
Hot Apple Cider
Hot Apple Cider Sale price$3.49
Brownie Stack
Brownie Stack Sale price$6.99
Single Cinnamon Roll
Single Cinnamon Roll Sale price$5.99
Chilled Apple Cider
Chilled Apple Cider Sale price$3.49
Large Kettle Corn
Large Kettle Corn Sale price$8.99
Blue Raspberry Slushie
Blue Raspberry Slushie Sale price$4.99
Ice Cream Cone
Ice Cream Cone Sale price$2.49
Small Kettle Corn
Small Kettle Corn Sale price$4.99
Floats Sale price$6.99
2 PunchesLehi
21oz Mixed Soda
21oz Mixed Soda Sale price$2.99
2 PunchesLehi
Pumpkin Bar
Pumpkin Bar Sale price$4.99