2 Locations, 2 Mazes and Countless Memories!

Two Be-Utah-Ful Mazes

Lehi | Spanish Fork

2 Locations

Full Haunted Attraction

Insanity Point

Farmtastic Fun

55+ Attractions

Fireworks, Magic & More

Special Events

Two Locations

This year, experience DOUBLE the Cornbelly's fun with two locations! Along with our flagship location at Thanksgiving Point, we are opening up our farm in Spanish Fork as a second destination for farmtastic fun! Get an early peek at our new Spanish Fork farm when we launch our sunflower festival for 5 days in early September; then come again for October fall fun when both locations are open. Click the link below for more details on the dates/hours for each location..

Insanity Point

Insanity Point at Thanksgiving Point, open Mon/Fri/Sat nights, is separate from our family-friendly activities and challenges fright-seeking guests to discover their breaking point as they encounter several haunts, including: the Eerie Acres Haunted Maze, Big Top Terror, Hayloft Horror, Hysteria Hay Maze, and a brand new Dragon to replace our long-standing Creature! These attractions bring guests face to face with ghouls, monsters and a 150-foot giant beast. While no age restrictions are enforced, Insanity Point is recommended for ages 12+.  

Amazing Events

Along with plenty of every-day fun at Cornbelly's, don't miss our many special events happening at various times throughout our season at our Thanksgiving Point location. Click below to learn more about our pig races, fireworks, dog shows, duck races, Light Up the Night halloween parade, trick-or-treat scavenger hunt, Magic Mondays, Wild Wonders animal show, pumpkin princess storytelling and much more.

Fall only comes around once a year!


2021 Dates | Hours

◉ 1 PM - 7:30 PM | Spanish Fork 
◉ 4 PM - 7:30 PM | Spanish Fork 
◉ 10 AM - 10 PM | Lehi  
◉ 4 PM - 10 PM | Lehi
◉ 10AM - Midnight | Lehi 

* Last ticket sold one hour prior to closing


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