Let's Play Safe

Welcome Back
Here at Cornbelly's, we look forward to welcoming you back for our 26th season and are committed to the health and safety of our employees and guests as we do our very best to PLAY SAFE in our 50+ acres at our Spanish Fork location and and our 30+ acres in Lehi at Thanksgiving Point. With a goal to provide a place for families and friends to gather outdoors and maintain your fall traditions, Cornbelly's has worked closely with the Utah County Health Department since last season and will continue to follow all mandates or suggestions they provide to us.
Are Masks or Vaccines Required?
At this time we don't anticipate masks or vaccinations being required this fall, based on the current communication and guidelines the state and Utah County Health Department have provided to us as an outdoor event. Should mandates change at any point, we will be sure to post it immediately to our website. That being said, we fully support those who are more comfortable wearing a mask and invite you to do so.
Contactless Payment
While cash will be accepted in a few places, we will once again be largely cashless this season to make payment as contactless as possible. All locations will accept credit cards and Apple Pay. Additionally, one admission window & two internal locations (the Bounceback window and the Information Silo) will sell gift cards and accept cash.
Are Reservations Required?
No, at this time there will be no reservations required to attend. Guests are welcome to arrive any time we are open, though we do recommend - now more than ever - arriving at some of our slower times, including:

  • - Tues/Wed/Thurs after 4:30 pm
  • - Fri/Sat between 10 am and noon

Additonally, we have opened a second location in Spanish Fork to help with reducing crowds in Lehi. If you have the opportunity to visit our Spanish Fork location at least once, we highly recommend it. It has a completely different atmosphere in an amazing way! You are out in the country with wide open spaces, so there is more of a farm feeling. It's the best of both worlds we think...large u-pick fields of pumpkins and sunflowers with a handful of our signature attractions alongside. For more info on this location, CLICK HERE.