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 Experience the ultimate thrill with Insanity Point + Cornbelly's! Navigate through 23 terrifying haunted scenes on a 30-minute trail through the corn. Plus, enjoy hayrides, campfires, the non-haunted 10-acre corn maze and all the other attractions at Cornbelly's Lehi. Dare to be scared in one of Utah County's longest-running haunts! 

22+ Haunted Scenes

Insanity Point Extreme has over 23 haunted scenes along a 40 min walking path. Checkout a few of our favorite scenes below.


Something doesn’t seem right here, the green glow the fog, it’s like it has a life of its own. As I stumbled upon the mysterious green glow in the fog, it whispered secrets only the night could hear.

Haunted Corn Maze

Everyone enjoys a good corn Maize, but this one is different, I can’t seem to find my way I feel like I’m going in circles, wait didn’t I just pass this same water well.


These spinning light tunnels will have you guessing whats up or down. Just trying walking straight through the vortex.

Entrance Briefing

Disturbing news broadcast while waiting to enter this strange town. As you tread the mysterious pathways of this peculiar town, be sure to keep your wits about you.


This isn’t your typical circus, in fact are those even real clowns? What’s really going on here. Step right up and witness the mystery!

Hysteria Hay Maze

There is nothing like enjoying a nice walk through a maze, but wait what did I just see, is someone following me, there it is again…… who or what ever it is, it’s getting closer.


The Doctors In …… or the doctors Insane is more like it. The Doctors In …… or the doctors Insane is more like it. But hey, who needs sanity when you've got insanity!

Scarecrow Alley

Cutting through the corn is always a bad idea.. Did the scare crow just move or is my mind playing tricks on me.

Cabin Fever

They always say don't trust a cabin in the woods. But what about the one in the corn? Maybe it's where the scarecrows go for their weekend getaways!

Insanity Point

Insanity Point the original haunted corn maze. Prepare yourself for a spine-chilling adventure through the Insanity Point haunted house and corn maze!

Value So Great It's Scary!

While there are similarities between our Insanity Point and other haunted houses, there are also some special features that set Insanity Point apart. When you visit the Insanity Point, you'll have access to not only Insanity Point's 22 haunted scenes but also all of Cornbelly's 60+ attractions as well!

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Haunted House & More

Though Insanity Point is the star attraction for those of you coming for our long-standing haunt, your admission ticket includes so much more! Plan to spend the whole evening enjoying not just the haunt, but also hayrides, campfires, Jumbo Jumpers, the non-haunted large corn maze, fireworks, and so much more. Plus, if you choose to add on Adventure Card, you can upgrade for the ultimate experience of yummy food, apple blasters, paintball, bungee bouncers, mechanical bull and many other choices!

The Dragon

For all those who've loved our the Cornbelly Dragon, first introduced in 2021! Walk through the belly of the beast, make your way through the twists and turns, but may run into one of his snacks!

Eerie Acres & Big Top Terror

Something's in the water; this town is not what it seems. Stay on the beaten path....try not to scream!

Insanity Point

Hayloft Horror & Hysteria Hay Maze

The animals have gone mad; they've eaten something terrible; make your way through the hayloft and hide....It should be safe there! If you can't find safety in the hayloft, venture into the hay maze. Feel your way through the dark where the nightmares lurk with twists and turns to drive you to the point hysteria sets in........what is real and what is in your head?

I LOVE that Cornbelly's is completely family friendly. From the oldest in our family to the very youngest we all enjoy the event.

Susan Hall Butler

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